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SOLIDserver™ DDI

DNS, DHCP & IP Address
Management Appliances

Strengthen Your Network Foundations To Support Your Business Imperatives

The SOLIDserver™ suite of appliances is designed to deliver highly scalable, secure and robust virtual and hardware appliances for critical IPAM-DNS-DHCP-NTP-TFTP services.


It provides vital benefits for the agility, reliability, and security of your network infrastructure.

SOLIDserver is the cornerstone of DNS-DHCP-IPAM (DDI) projects for datacenter, internet DNS, LAN infrastructures, cloud computing, and any IT organization dealing with the challenges of a dynamic infrastructure.

EfficientIP DDI appliances strengthen your network foundations to support your business imperatives to improve business continuity and decrease operating costs with smart automation.

Key Benefits Of An Integrated DDI Solution

EfficientIP DDI appliances intelligently simplify and automate IPv4 and IPv6 address management and VLANs with multi-vendor DNS and DHCP services (Microsoft®, ISC Bind DNS and DHCP). The SOLIDserver DDI appliance provides global visibility, comprehensive consistency control and unified management across your entire network from a single pane of glass. Its embedded SmartArchitecture™ innovation automates the deployment of state-of-the-art, resilient, robust and secure DNS-DHCP architectures. Its operating system is reliable and highly secure. The “one-click” upgrade technology and global patching management allows for lower administration costs.

Cost Effective

Ensure unmatched DNS and DHCP services continuity with resilient architectures

Deployment Automation

Efficiently support your company’s growth and productivity with intelligent policy-driven deployment automation.

Reliability & Security

Increase network reliability and security with error-free configurations, centralized management and best practices enforcement.

Anticipate Problems

With pro-active services monitoring, user-defined reports and network asset tracking.

Streamline Processes

Streamline processes and enforce corporate standards through policy-driven deployments

Device Manager, NetChange, and SPX Extensions

Device Manager, NetChange and SPX extensions integrate with the SOLIDserver DDI appliance suite, delivering unified management of device port allocation and network configurations with DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs/VRF in a single process.


Device Manager

Unify DDI, VLANs and Network Interface Management

To meet the challenges of a constantly changing IP-based environment, network infrastructure and device management must rely on consistent and streamlined processes.

Device Manager delivers unified management of devices and network interfaces, with DNS-DHCP-IPAM and VLANs-VRF in a single process. It provides an consistent, accurate and dynamic inventory and process automation. Device Manager’s unique end-to-end approach strengthens the network foundation, mitigates network downtime risk, cuts operating costs, and reinforces infrastructure security.

• Control and leverage infrastructure investments by planning and anticipating capacity requirements
• Delegate device deployments through wizard-driven processes
• Enforce best practices through policy-driven deployment

Dynamic Device and Network Interface Repository

The web-based user interface enables the user to design and to visualize connections between different devices dramatically speeding up the process of resource provisioning, planning, and assurance.

• Comprehensive enterprise-wide visibility of all hardware and virtual device types (switch, server, router, printer, IP phone, etc.) and their properties (name, number/interface type, OS, serial number)
• Organize network interface with tags (backup, production, admin etc.) and naming conventions to streamline allocation
• Define network interface connections between devices (i.e. server-switch) strengthening network architecture and mitigating risk of downtime

End-to-End Reconciliation Management

Device Manager is an essential complementary solution to NetChange, EfficientIP’s network discovery tool. With our SOLIDserver™ intelligent technology, the network is truly visible and easily analyzed when comparing with unified DDI, VLAN, and Device Manager repositories. EfficientIP delivers true and complete reconciliation capabilities, inclusive of IP address connections to network device interfaces and VLANs.


Automated Network Device Configuration and Management

Ensure Network Availability and Reduce Administration Costs

Device discovery, configuration and management are major network maintenance tasks. The time, effort and expense devoted to configure network devices are considerable and costly when configuration errors occur.

NetChange from Efficient IP gives you comprehensive visibility and automated configuration capacity of your network enterprise-wide. Automating the configuration of your network’s switches dramatically reduces network maintenance cost, and virtually eliminates business application downtime due to configuration errors. When NetChange integrates with our IP Address Management (IPAM) solution, its network view is accurate and complete.

• Significantly reduces the time and expense of using skilled resources for configuration tasks
• Increases network uptime and availability by eliminating human errors
• Solves downtime problems by avoiding unplanned, resource-draining
troubleshooting sessions
• Increases productivity through advanced automation and role-based delegation
• Enhances security by detecting unauthorized devices and tracking changes

Key Benefits Of Central Network Configuration

NetChange easily integrates and automates administrator-defined policies, simplifying switch configuration and deployment using wizard driven templates. This enforces best practices and ensures compliance with corporate rules.


SOLIDserver™ Service Provider Extension (SPX)

RIR Declaration Management and Automation

Compliance and Efficiency For RIR Declaration Management

SOLIDserver™ Service Provider Extension (SPX) is a unique market solution providing built-in functionalities allowing registration, provisioning, planning, and management of IP addressing and naming services for operators’ networks.

The assignment of internet IPv4-IPv6 addresses is governed by rules to which the operators have to refer and comply. SOLIDserver integrates these rules in order to streamline and industrialize the declarations life-cycle to the RIR. This works through:
• Aggregation: Ensuring assignment of 80% of allocated IP addresses by the RIPE before requesting new allocation from the RIPE
• Registration: Registering all required IP address assignments
• Conservation: Archiving all exchanges with RIPE

SOLIDserver™ Service Provider Extension (SPX) Key Benefits

SOLIDserver automates the declarations to the RIRs, offering the ability to quickly deploy new services while creating robust architectures.


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