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Vulnerability Scanner

Penetrator™ Vulnerability Scanning Appliance
Vulnerability Scanner Software
Discover IT vulnerabilities across your network.
Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Assessment

No experience necessary to operate. User friendly to Setup.
Scans your public website and IPs along with your internal local IPs.

Multi User support allows for individual users

• You can scan Local and Public IP addresses. You will get detailed reporting in PDF,HTML or XML.
• It contains clear solutions for the identified vulnerabilities.
• You can easily setup scheduling and get notification once new vulnerabilities gets discovered.
• You can deploy the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner as a Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 2.0,3.0 software Image. Deploy for Hyper-V 2008 or earlier versions also supported.
• Multiple Languages supported in reporting.
• The following languages are available: Danish, Norwegian, English, Thai, Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Croatian

Penetrator - Vulnerability Scanner Vulnerability Management

Find Vulnerabilities
Recommended solutions
Secure Design
All Data locally
No remote interaction
Scheduled Scanning
Vulnerability Scanning
Application Security
PDF Reports
Clear Solutions with fixes
User Friendly
Denial of Service - DoS
Application Security
Software as a Service

Penetrator is a security Appliance unit you simple place on your network.

SecPoint Penetrator Vulnerability Management

The SecPoint Penetrator is a vulnerability scanning device that simulates how a hacker could penetrate a given system (hence the term) and reports vulnerabilities, which should then help strengthen security measures against online outlaws, virtual villains, cyber criminals, techno terrorists, and other nefarious elements of the Worldwide Web at large.

The SecPoint Penetrator is a vulnerability scanner, vulnerability management of great significance because it's actually capable of simulating cyber attacks against systems so that they are better prepared for anything a hacker might have under his sleeve, so to speak. In essence, the Penetrator will scan your device, network, or database to ensure that it is vulnerability-free.

To be more specific, vulnerabilities are the holes and coding flaws that hackers exploit so that they could wreak havoc on any supposedly secure website or domain. Their malware programs will likelier gain access to a given network if they could identify vulnerabilities that the network owner neglected to find. Therefore, the Penetrator is an essential reporting device that records in XML, HTML, and PDF all those minor-to-critical vulnerabilities before these online outlaws do.

The Penetrator can scan most everything from public to local IP addresses. It's the penetrative scanner you require in order to guarantee that your security is "airtight" and "hacker-proof". Most importantly, the SecPoint Penetrator is a device that evolves alongside security technology, so you'll never end up with an obsolete appliance that requires replacement post-haste. The reason for that is because the Penetrator regularly connects to the Internet in order to get the latest security updates around.

If there are white hat hackers who've recently uncovered some sort of vulnerability for whatever program or safety protocol around, you can rest assured that the Penetrator will be right on the case. Vendors will more likely have vulnerabilities patched immediately as long as their customers are aware of the danger and clamoring for action.

The Penetrator helps make you more aware of the program holes and crevices that hackers and their malware can go through in order to destroy everything you've worked for. What's more, every time a new vulnerability is discovered, SecPoint databases are updated. The security company works round-the-clock in order to ensure that their products are always on top of the situation. You can even set your own Penetrator device like an alarm clock so that it will provide you notifications and schedule updates every time code flaws and possible glitches are found.

If you want to make sure that your network is secure instead of enjoying a false sense of security that will lull you into complacency until it's too late and you've already been hacked, then it's imperative that you go through penetration testing via the vulnerability assessment capabilities of the securely designed, user-friendly Penetrator.

Key Features

Vulnerability Scanning Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing Application Security Denial of Service DoS Tests Buffer Overflow Attacks Brute Force attacks With the 256 IP Penetrator Appliance you can scan 256 IP addresses at the same time via the vulnerability scanning.

Vulnerability Management - Vulnerability Scanning Penetrator is a vulnerability management and penetration testing appliance developed for network use. It comes pre-loaded and ready to go with all sorts of invaluable pen-testing features no administrator can do with it. Indeed, it is a powerful and intelligent security assessment solution.
• Includes both the SecPoint vulnerability scanner and penetration tester Vulnerability Scanning Capabilities.
• It's a Plug and Play appliance.
• The SecPoint Penetrator and SecPoint Portable Penetrator are certified CVE-compatible by MITRE and CVSS
• Easy to start and Flexible customizable scanning profiles, which includes SANS/FBI Top 20 Comprehensive and Unlimited Vulnerability Auditing.

With its all-inclusive vulnerability database and the application of sophisticated auditing techniques, Penetrator enables you to always be one step ahead of even the most skilled and advanced hackers. It has no limit on the amount of auditing you can do. Easily choose the number IPs you want to scan. Therefore, it is most certainly one of the strongest and most comprehensive vulnerability assessment solutions on the market today.


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