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    Securing Your Endpoints.


The Need for Endpoint Content Control
Industry statistics consistently show that the most significant security threat to the organization comes from within. With over 60% of corporate data residing on endpoints, gateway solutions and written security policies alone cannot mitigate the risk.

Sensitive data can exit organizational boundaries through multiple channels; it can be carried away on a USB flash drive, burned to a CD, sent via email or posted on the web. While some data transfer channels can be partially disabled to minimize the risk, few organizations can completely disable outbound data traffic without dramatically affecting productivity. To properly balance security and compliance demands with business objectives, enforcement measures must be carefully adjusted to control only the specific data restricted by company policy, without interrupting legitimate user actions.


The Need for Endpoint Data Protection
Laptops have become a significant part of an organization’s computing fleet. The mobility and convenience that make laptops so useful to employees and organizations also make them a weak spot in enterprise data security.

While the cost of replacing software and hardware for a lost or stolen laptop is limited, the lost data may cause tremendous damage to the organization when it falls into the wrong hands. The financial implications associated with the leakage of sensitive data can be staggering, the fines for noncompliance can be astronomical, and the loss of corporate reputation immeasurable.



Eliminate Stop Data Leakage through Physical Ports andRemovable Media

Protector is the industry’s most comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use endpoint dataprotection and data leakage prevention solution – controlling every endpoint and everydevice, over every interface.

Protector monitors real-time traffic and applies customized, highly-granular securitypolicies over all physical/wireless interfaces and external storage devices.

Protector detects and allows the restriction of devices by device type, model or evenspecific device serial number. For storage devices, Protector allows security administratorsto either block all storage devices completely, permit read-only or encrypt all data. It alsomonitors, blocks and logs files that are downloaded to or read from these devices. WiFicontrols are based on MAC address, SSID, or network security level.


Endpoint Data Protection - The Demand for Comprehensive Reporting
With the regulatory compliance reporting mandates of Sarbanes Oxley, (SOX), HIPAA, PCI,FISMA, BASEL II, UK Data Protection Act (DPA) and others, the effective use of data securityintelligence has become increasingly important and the need for comprehensive reportingis more prevalent than ever.

Reporter - a Heightened Level of Visibility
Reporter is a component of the Data Protection Suite that addresses the security andoperational reporting needs of an organization’s IT and security personnel. Reporterpresents information in a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard format that can benefit allviewers including non-technical and executives, through drill-down capabilities.



Safend is a leading provider of endpoint data protection software. Our products protect against corporate data loss by offering comprehensive data encryption, port control, device control and content inspection, ensuring compliance with regulatory data security and privacy standards. Safend’s products encrypt internal and external hard drives, removable storage devices and CD/DVDs; provide granular port and device control over all physical, wireless and removable media devices; and control sensitive data transferred over endpoint and network channels. With more than 3,000 customers worldwide and 3 million licenses sold, Safend’s software is deployed by multinational enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations, and small to mid-size companies across the globe.


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